Substantial Drawing





A “line” in mathematics is defined as having no thickness. In drawing, a contour line is a boundary between an object and a space, and has no mass or thickness. But humans find “lines” there, and by drawing non-existent lines in various media, they describe contours, divide space, and sometimes use visual effects to create depth in their drawings.

A “threads” with mass bend by gravity, and when pulled hard, they connect the shortest distance between the two ends of the thread. I noticed the tension of the threads fixes them in space as if they were “lines” drawn with a ruler, and they become abstract existences, their physical qualities are removed.

By moving the threads on the “surface” of the support like lines in a drawing, I attempt to move between the conceptual “line” and the “thread” with substance. In their trajectories, the threads become boundaries and divide the plane, sometimes form contours and create space. Sometimes the lines come together and become textured to form a new “surface”.





Technical advice: nomena inc.,Takuto Yamana

Statement English translation: Yoshiya Yoshimitsu

Video shooting and editing: Tetsuro Ryuta