In a world in constant motion, we associate various events and find all kinds of 'contours' in them. 'Subjective contour' is a phenomenon whereby we can find the outline of a triangle, for example, when we look at a triangle with a part of each side missing. It suggests that the act of seeing is not passive, but an active act with brain completion. We also find 'contours' not only in visual information, but also in relationships on the time axis. As the sun rises and sets at regular intervals, we define the contours of the unit of a day.

In this work, various contours appear and disappear through the relationship between the rotational movements of the 25 lines. For example, by applying the image of a certain landscape to the angle of rotation of each line and depicting it through realistic rotational movements, the work expresses the continuity blended into the landscape through extremely simple forms. By varying the regularity of each movement, the contours of 'movement' on different scales and time frames can also be mixed on a single grid of lines.