Audible Textures




When we listen to sound, the nature of that sound changes depending on the object or device that actually produces the sound. When we manipulate objects that produce sound, such as musical instruments, we can play intuitively by inferring the rules that exist between our actions and the actual sound, and by incorporating them into our physical senses. The digital device allows the user to freely set the rules between the input by action and the actual sound produced, and the user manipulates the sound using cues such as changes in the shape and graphics of the input device. By linking the sensory feedback given to the user here with the sound, we thought we could create a new performance experience by making the user aware of what he or she is listening to.

Moiré is a new pattern that occurs when two or more patterns are superimposed and displaced. Although it is often used mainly for visual objects, this research attempts to manipulate sound with the sensation of manipulating moiré, in other words, to give the user the sensation of "listening to moiré. By rotating (shifting) the same pattern of dots printed on an acrylic board, we observed changes in the density of the moiré pattern that appeared, and drew a curve. By applying this curve to changes in sound playback speed and volume, and linking it to actual changes in moiré, visual feedback is provided and operation with a single knob is made possible.

Video shooting and editing: Tetsuro Ryuta